Redimp GK100 Backlit LED Gaming Keyboard

Backlit LED Gaming Keyboard, Redimp Anti-ghosting Plug & Play Game Keyboard for PC/ / Mac/ PS4, USB Wired Water-resistant Illuminated Computer Keyboard with Wrist Rest.

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Redimp GK100 Backlit LED Gaming Keyboard

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When Membrane Meets Mechanical

Constucted with floating keys, the GK100 is featured to mimic a mechanical switch; when the key is pressed down half way, actuation starts, which results in faster responsiveness and tactile key presses.


Rainbow of LED Backlit

Designed with three-zone LED backlighting, the GK100 allocates you a better gaming battle aura, by switching to 3 modes for different brightness and breath mode.


Ergonomic Gaming Design

Specially designed for the GK100, the wrist rest and contoured keycaps will ensure you maximum comfort no matter how intense your gaming marathons are.


19-Key Roll Over in Gaming Mode 

With built-in anti-ghosting technology, the GK100 lets you perfectly execute up to 19 commands at the same time; besides, WIN key can be locked and "WASD" and arrow keys can be interchanged in gaming mode.

Water-Resistant Functionality

Featuring 5 drain holes on the back and fully sealed membrane, the GK100 can better equip you while fracking with online battle in case of coffee or tea spilling or pouring on the keyboard. (NOT for the indicator light area)


Keyboard Size: Standard (104 Keys) Keyboard Layout: U.S. Standard Interface: USB Anti-Ghosting: 19 Keys Dimensions: 17.5*7.5*1.7 inches Weight: 2.4 pounds Cable Length: 4.9 ft


Type: Membrane-Mechanical/ Semi-Mechanical Key Stroke Travel: 2 mm Lifetime: 10 million keypresses

Q: How to interchange the function of WSAD & Arrow Keys?

A: Step 1: Press and hold the [FN] key;

Step 2: Press the [W] key to interchange the function of the four letter keys [W][A][S][D] and four direction keys [UP][DOWN][LEFT][RIGHT];

Step 3: Repeat the above operation and restore the previous setting;

Q: Can the keyboard lights be programmed? How to Adjust the backlit?

A: The LED light doesn’t support to be programmed. But you could adjust to, when pressing (Fn) + (Scr Lk), it's rainbow light in breath mode; when pressing (Fn) + (Pg Up) / (Pg Dn), it's to adjust the backlit brightness; when (Win) + (Scr Lk), the backlit turns off.

Q: Is there a Window disable key while gaming? How to lock it in games?

A: Surely, you can disable the Window key while gaming by (Fn) + (Win).

Q: Are the keys highly visible with the backlight off?

A: As the keyboard keys are ABS double-shot molding for characters never fading, so the keys will not as bright as the laser ones when the backlight turns off.

Q: Will the backlights stay on even I don’t touch the keys for a while?

A: Yes, the keyboard backlights will stay on no mtter whether you touch the keys.

Q: How to quick acess to the media keys?

A: Well, you could hold the (Fn) key and press the key (F1) ~ (F12) for Music, Volume-, Volume+, Mute, Stop, Previous, Play, Next, Mailbox, Internet Brower, Lock, and Calculator, respectively.

Q: Can I clean the keyboard through water?

A: Surely, you can clean the keyboard through the water, EXCEPT the indicator light area. 

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