Keyboards FAQs

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What is anti-ghosting technology on a keyboard?

Keyboard ghosting is when pressing multiple keys simultaneously, a normal keyboard will ignore most of the keys pressed; Well, a keyboard with anti-ghosting will take all (or most) of them to notice and use them. Generally, anti-ghosting is mainly used for gaming.

What is the difference between LED backlight and RGB backlight on a keyboard?

LED backlight is associated with all keys (some keys on an area) on a keyboard shared by central light in a color. It’s always at a static state, referring to backlight staying on with animation or pattern being played.

While, the RGB backlight is an additive color model in which red, green and blue light are added together to reproduce a broad array of colors. You can configure one color across the entire board or tweak each individual key, or other complex and unique patterns. The only limit is your imagination. 

What is Membrane Keyboard? What is Mechanical Keyboard? What is Semi-Mechanical Keyboard?

Membrane keyboard is made from a dome with printed letters on the top or laser stretched, and then a rubber or silicone keypad comes with domes as the top membrane layer.

Mechanical keyboard uses switches, which is constructed with a base, a spring and a stem,  to send typing signals. DIfferent switches perform differently from sound to responsiveness speed. Now on the market, most switches are black, blue, brown and red. 

Semi-Mechanical keyboard could be a hybird, between membrane keyboard and mechanical keyboard. It mainly features the membrane key construction; but you’ll have the mechanical mimic typing experience, tactile in pressing, crispy in audible key-clicks and faster responsiveness than normal membrane keyboard.